About Us

We believe that the greenest home is the one that’s already built.

Building science has improved dramatically over the years. Increased knowledge of how to build an energy efficient home allows us  to improve existing homes, too. In fact, we take the same principles behind the Four Pillars of building a new energy efficient home and apply them to improving existing homes.

This is why we are among the top resources in the greater Puget Sound Area when it comes to weatherizing and remodeling homes.

How it Started

Scott BergfordOwner Scott Bergford began building homes about 30 years ago with the ultimate goal of building the highest quality custom home for every customer.

This was long before the “green movement,” and there was little to no understanding of how to create an energy efficient home. As years went by, researchers began conducting more and more research into building science.

Scott was enamored with building science from the beginning. He still is.

Over the years he continually poured over the latest reports, teaming up with WSU’s energy program along the way. Scott went to every class he could find, and he tested new products and processes to continually improve results. Ultimately, Scott Homes, Inc. has been able to create homes that are not only beautiful, but also perform at least twice as well as energy codes require.

The Revelation

scotts homeScott and his family live in an early 1900’s bungalow.

He started wondering what he could do to get the benefits of his knowledge of building science without compromising the historic value of their home. (Building standards from a century ago didn’t do much for energy efficiency).

Their home was chilly in the winter, hot in the summer, and their energy bills were high.

So, Scott got his crew together and applied the same building science that the team employs for new construction and used his own home as a test subject.

Scott addressed the 4 Pillars of an Energy Efficient Home: the thermal imaging test, sealed, increased insulation, ventilated, and put in three different DHPs (ductless heat pumps) to see which one worked the best.

Scott and his  family were able to put away the extra sweaters, the space heaters, and stop making trips up and down the stairs to stoke the wood burning stove. They were surprised at more than a lower energy bill.

What they didn’t expect was to feel so comfortable.

Sure saving money every month was fantastic. But it was even more rewarding for Scott when he was able to make life that much better for his family by providing a more comfortable living space.

The End Result

Making these discoveries solidified the notion that a company should be taking this new building science and applying it to the houses already built. Thus, Northwest Energy Team came about!

We take all our knowledge as an Extreme Green, custom home builder and apply it to your current home.  Scott Homes, Inc. still builds quality, custom, green homes, but now you can have that same comfort and efficiency in your existing home.  At Northwest Energy Team, we know the intricacy of existing homes because we started from the ground, up.

In Summary

  • The Northwest Energy Team originated from Scott Homes, Inc., a custom, green builder.
  • We take the building science we know from building extremely energy efficient homes, and apply it to existing homes.
  • We know it works because we used our owner’s home as the case study.
  • Still not sure? Check out what Customers are Saying!


Scott Bergford
Owner and President,
Scott Homes and Northwest Energy Team