Our Team


Dan Andrews

Dan has been in construction for over 30 years, and he has worked in both the residential and commercial sides of construction. Now happily settled as the owner and head of operations with the Northwest Energy Team, he’s who you interact with the most. He does the estimates, oversees all the work done, and follows up after we’re finished. Dan can be one of the busiest people in and out of the office so when he’s not carting from one site to the next, he’s enjoying fun vacations with his wife and family.


Greg Logosz
General Laborer

 A newer transplant to our small Northwest Energy Team, Greg came to us highly recommended with over 5 years in the trade. In his short time here, he has become an invaluable member team with his amazing speed and results on any job. He spends all his time in the field so chances are if there’s an attic or crawl space in need of attention, this is the guy doing it. When he’s not at work he enjoys fishing, surfing, and exploring the mountains with friends.