Building Science

The Science Behind a Solid Home

N E E D  A  B U I L D I N GS U R V E Y EThere’s a science behind building a solid home that will keep the warm air in and the cold air out. This same science is what will give you a home that is sturdy enough to withstand the storms mother nature sometimes throws at us and hold up better over time with less maintenance.

When working with our customers, we help them understand the 4 Pillars of an Energy Efficient Home. (It’s all part of our Whole Home Efficiency approach.)

These four pillars are critical to building a home that can withstand the elements, protect your checkbook from high utility bills, and keep your family healthy and comfortable.

The Energy Efficiency ​of Your Home Depends on 4 Things

The 4 Pillars of an Energy Efficient Home are:

  1. Air Sealing
  2. Ventilation
  3. Insulation
  4. Cost Efficient Heat (like a ductless heat pump)

Addressing these four areas in any home can dramatically improve how well your home keeps the heat in and the cold out.

This push for increased energy efficiency is part of what drives regular changes in building codes. This is good for homeowners buying new houses.

It also means an existing home built to Energy Star standards just a few years ago may not pass new building standards if they were tested today. And homes that were built more than a few years ago are definitely below current standards.

But that doesn’t mean you are stuck with cold and drafty!

With the help of our knowledge of building science and what it takes to make the most of older homes, you can stop leaks, save on energy bills, and reap the benefits of a warmer, cozier home.

wellinsulatedhomeWhen you work with Northwest Energy Team, you get the best of both energy efficiency and green building standards.

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