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We Work for You

When you call our office we’re here to answer your questions.

We’re a local company so whenever you want to talk with Dan, or Mike, they’re right here, ready to help!

What to Expect

Here’s a typical run-through of what happens when you contact us:

  • Discuss with Dan your upcoming project.
  • Call or send us an email. During the initial contact call or email, we generally talk about the scope of the work, briefly, to be sure we come to your home ready to take a look at the issues at hand and not side track. Your time is valuable!
  • Schedule a free consultation. After chatting with you about your project, we schedule a personal consultation with Dan when it is convenient for you. Dan will come to your home to review your project with you within the week that you call. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. With your best interests in mind, we like to fully look over your home to give you the best advice and possible solutions to meet your needs.
  • Get started. Once you’re comfortable with a solution, we like to start as soon as possible! We strive to get jobs done on time, every time. The sooner you can have your weatherization or remodel completed, the sooner you can finally start enjoying your home. And that’s the whole point!
  • Easy financing options. Whether the job is big or small, money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s why we work for you with your utility company to find you any possible rebates for your weatherization. We also partner with Generations Credit Union, who specializes in Home Energy Loans. For more information on possible weatherization rebates, call our office!

Your Time is Valuable

We respect your time. We promise not to sell you into something you won’t be comfortable with later. No-pressure, no-obligation. We just believe in what we do. We’ve been looking at your home from a whole house performance perspective.  That’s why we can assess your home and streamline the process so easily. It’s that simple!

Now let’s get started!