Whole Home Efficiency

You want people trained in building science to look at your home.

At Northwest Energy Team, we look at your home in a different way. We approach your home holistically, considering all aspects of its construction, including age, type of framing, windows, roof, foundation, insulation, air tightness, and much more.

Simply put, we know how homes go together. You get the benefit of overĀ 30 years of home construction and building science knowledge. We design the most comfortable, efficient, and affordable system for your home. Every home is different, from age and construction to the temperature and air quality preferences of the occupants. One size does not fit all.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to do all of the projects to see improvements. Insulation, sealing, and ventilation are not an all-or-nothing situation. Maybe you want to do some of the work yourself, or maybe your budget doesn’t allow for doing everything at once. That’s okay. One of the nifty things we do is give you an itemized proposal so you can pick and choose just what you want. Nobody’s forcing you to buy some enormous “bundle” of upgrades. We don’t do the high pressure thing around here.

Below is a typical leaky and inefficient home:
insulation and sealing for homes in Olympia wa

How many of these problems do you have? Can you see how just putting in a new furnace or heat pump won’t address these problem areas? Of course you do, but it’s a good bet no other HVAC company has bothered to point them out.

Below is a the same house but now it’s comfy and a lot cheaper to heat:

well insulated Olympia home

See the difference? Imagine how much better you will feel after upgrades like this. And your utility bills will be lower, and the air much cleaner. Hurrah!

If this sounds like something you are interested in just callĀ 360-791-2370 or email us and we’ll set a time to come out and chat.