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Dan’s first-hand experience with building homes from the foundation up gives us an intimate understanding of building science.

A house isn’t just a series of rooms – it’s a working system. Many existing homes have a surprising amount of “wasted space.” Precious square footage that can’t be fully used.

Sometimes it’s a kitchen or bathroom that doesn’t work right, or the home might be dated and in need of a little (or a lot) of work.

That’s where Dan Andrews, our project manager, comes in. He comes in, looks at what you have, and then advises on ideas to make the home work better. How can we make the home you have best for your needs?


HRemodels (1)ere’s one of our customer’s experience with her remodel project. Their house simply didn’t fit their needs and just wasn’t quite what they wanted.

The kitchen was old and in need of some upgrading. Dan went and met with Jennifer in her home. She walked him through and told him what she didn’t like and gave him an idea of what she did want.

Dan worked with Jennifer find to find solution to better utilize the space she had, while making it more attractive. Here’s what Jennifer had to say after the project was complete:

“We’ve worked with Northwest Energy Team and Dan Andrews for a number of remodel projects. The work was always completed on-time and exceeded our expectations for stunning craftsmanship. We’ve loved everything we’ve had done and received many compliments!

We have had our kitchen remodeled and installed built-in bookcases and bench seats. We love the work! It’s made the room more functional. We use every area of the space. We especially appreciate the design assistance with the bookcase. The advice was stellar and the ideas we got from Dan Andrews helped shape the work and functionality. The work was beautiful and fit in with the existing wall space.

We’ve been “wowed” by every project completed by Northwest Energy Team. Quality craftsmanship and stunning results! Thank you!”~ Jennifer

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HRVs and DHPs in new construction

We install DHPs and HRVsIf you’re building a new home, and you want an efficient and healthier way to heat and ventilate your home, give Dan a call! We can help you design, plan, and install the proper heating and cooling system in your new home. Take Becky, she was having her home built and decided from the beginning she wanted low energy costs and clean fresh air constantly circulating in her home. Dan reviewed the plans and was able to price in the perfect sized unit for her. It’s been almost two years since she’s moved into her new home, and this is what she’s reported:

“The summer months when I used the cooling function my bills were +/- $30 per month. The winter months the bills are +/- $50. The low bills are amazing but the comfortability is way beyond my expectations.

I am always telling people about it – low bills and no hot or cold spots. What more could you ask for?”

~ Becky

DHP installs on existing homes

Let’s say you already have a home, and you’re planning on staying there. But just because you’re not looking for a new house doesn’t mean you don’t want to be more comfortable and save on utility bills.

The most efficient way to heat and cool your home is with a DHP.

Cost of heating Chart 2

That’s what we did for Al. He retired and was already settled in his home. When we first talked with Al on the phone, he told us he wanted to make his home as efficient and comfortable as possible so he and his wife could relax and enjoy their home without breaking the bank or having to do a lot of maintenance.

Dan went to visit Al and his wife in their home. Dan performed a full assessment (these visits are no-cost, no-obligation) and found the right sized unit for his needs. After the install was complete we sent him a letter asking about his upgrades (like we do with every customer), and this is what he had to say:

“This was the most professional and experienced company I have ever been associated with.

Since the unit is new (1 week) and installed at our lake house we haven’t had much experience yet but I will say it is extremely quiet, sleek design, and has advanced technology that will be a great advantage over time.

The NW Energy Team are true experts and professionals from bid to install. They are gracious and excellent guests into your home. We highly recommend them to anyone.” ~ Al

We met back up with him several months after the install to take a few pictures of the unit for the Master Installer’s program, and he was just as satisfied as when we sold it to him.WP_20140605_09_54_11_Pro (2)

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Jennifer, Becky, and Al we all kind enough to share their experience with us.

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