When you treat your home holistically, as a system, each package we create for a customer is going to look different as each home has it’s own needs. We do, however try to make the experience as rewarding as possible and help give you the most bang for your buck.



We work with all the local utility companies.

PSE for up to $1,200      Mason County PUD 3 up to $1,500

Lewis County up to $1,200      Tacoma Power up to $800

But that’s just to name a few. We help you find all the rebates we can, and we assist in filling out the paperwork and submitting it for approval. Government rebates can be intimidating, so let us help you! Most of these rebates come within 5 weeks.



We work with Generations Credit Union  to offer financing for as low as 3.99% interest for Home Energy Loans. Rates are at an extreme low right now! So Cash in now, and save big on your energy bills for the life of your home. You’re probably wondering what the catch is. Why would someone loan with such low rates? It’s simple, weatherizing your home benefits your comfort, your home, and the community in better energy efficiency.


Take baby steps

And you don’t have to do it all at once. Take the first step by contacting us, and weatherize your home at your pace. For returning customers we still offer a 5% discount for future work. That’s right, we’re so confident in the SCIENCE of home weatherization we know you’ll be back for more, and being a one-stop-shop, we can do it all for you.

Call Dan at 360-791-2370 or email us for more information, and see how you can start saving energy and money, while being comfortable year around, fast!