What Customers are Saying

Here are a few of the folks who’ve enjoyed the results from working with us:

“This past November our heating system went out in our office building.  It is an old building and we were getting cold – fast.  NW Energy Team cam to our rescue.  They installed a new ductless heating system.  Now everyone is comfortable – some of us like to be warm, others not so much.  The best part?  We are saving so much on our utility bills that PSE gave us a call telling us that there was something wrong because we were using so little electricity and no gas.  I explained to them that we put in a new ductless heating system that was all electric.  That didn’t satisfy them because they said we should be using more electricity!  Ultimately they sent someone to check out our system.  He was amazed that in a building as old as ours we are saving so much each month.  Thank You NW Energy Team!”

Deborah – Office Manager in Olympia

“Our house is made of concrete so it can be cool, especially in the winter. The ductless heat pump keeps our home at a comfortable, constant temperature.”

Norm in Olympia

“The first thing I want you to know is that my Puget Sound Energy bills are almost halved compared to last year’s. The ductless heat pumps heat my small home up to a comfortable temperature really quickly. I don’t notice the sound of it working. I don’t notice the interior unit; it just kind of blends in.”

Reid in Olympia

“We just got the units installed this September (2012) and didn’t get a chance to see how they worked until the first rainstorm this fall. We were plenty cozy on every floor of our home. I was a little concerned how the interior heads would look — they’re not that attractive — but I don’t really notice them any more.”

Patrick in Olympia

“I have already earned back the cost of the ductless heat pump with my energy savings. For years I have used both electric and propane to heat my home. During the 2010/2011 winter, I had bills upwards of $800 a month. This last winter (2011/2012) I didn’t go over $160 a month. You add that savings to the utility and Federal rebates I got, my ductless heat pump is completely paid for.”

Gay Lynn in Shelton

“In the winter you could feel the air temperature variances when you moved from room to room. I’d spend all winter on the couch in a nest of electric blankets. NET installed a ductless heat pump in my living room. I thought the look of it would really mess up the way my room looks but I don’t even see it now. My living area is evenly heated, the heater is quiet and my electric bills are low. Next I want to add a DHP in my bedroom (there’s a long, funky hallway leading back to it) and an industrial one in my commercial building. I love it!

The air conditioning setting is, of course, wonderful during those 10 hot days we get in August. But the heater is marvelous. It makes the whole home comfortable.

Our master bedroom is on the main floor. Because we like our bedroom cooler, we close off the room in the afternoon and crack open the window. At night the temperature is perfect for sleeping. In the morning we walk out into the kitchen and living room and it’s just the right temperature.”

Pat in Lacey

“We have an older ranch style house that would get very cold in the winter. We used baseboard heaters and a wood stove – both very inefficient.  Since we had no existing furnace or ductwork, we were looking for something to be more efficient and less costly than putting in something that would require heat ducts. The wood stove was dirty and dusty and kept us busy hauling wood into the house with muddy boots. A Ductless Heat Pump was the perfect answer.

Electric energy bills only down a little but we don’t have to buy firewood and invest in all of the effort involved.

Love it! Quiet and our whole house is comfortable. There is always a fresh air feeling without opening the windows. And I don’t need to dust like I did with either the windows open in the summer or the fireplace stirring up ash in the winter.

Our home is much more comfortable too. Winter it’s an even temperature all the time. We didn’t have air-conditioning before, so for the few days in the summer that we need it here inPuget Sound, we have it.

Did I mention that I dust less often? Also, I have allergies and the things outside that I am allergic to, stay outside. I sleep better as a result.”

David in Olympia

“I wanted to send you a quick note reference our latest gas bill in relation to the colder weather we’ve been experiencing.  Per my conversation with Puget Sound Energy (PSE) this morning we are currently using 2 Therms of gas a day.  Prior to that we were using 1-1.5 Therms a day.  We are using our fireplace quite often – more for effect, than heat.  According to PSE the average home is using 4-7 Therms a day.

Our gas bill  this month was $65.12 ($39.00 was actual gas the remainder is other charges, and taxes,) compared to the average home gas bill of $150-$200 a month.  If we turned off the fireplace, we’d be under $45 a month.  Bottom line is the house is efficient.  We could do better, but the house is doing its part.”

Thom in Lacey

“We love our ductless heat pump. From the nastiest February weeks to the few harsh August days, we are bone-deep comfortable in our home. It does everything we were told it would do: it runs quietly, it heats evenly and our heating bills average $5 a month.

There is no doubt our DHP works well, but we have seen it works more efficiently with better insulation. Investing in better insulation and air sealing has given us a home that cozy all year round and really reduces our energy bills as well.”

Eileen in Olympia

“Could I just start with wow? I mean really WOW! What a wonderful new experience for us.

You got those ductless heat pumps installed so quickly! And I am so impressed and can I say grateful for the care you took with our old place. It’s not easy to work on an older home and you made the installation look as if it was original to the home. Everything was carefully handled. And you know I’m picky!

We’ve finally taken our 1925 historic home into the 21st century! Our two ductless heat pumps live up to we were promised and all we hoped for. Our home is cozy and warm without the chopping, stacking, hauling, and up and down to the cellar to build, and stoke the fire. It’s so nice to come back from a weekend away to a delightful, warm home. Usually it’s stone cold.

And did I mention my house is cleaner? Not just from dust but also the air. I actually feel better because the air is filtered and clean.

Would I recommend a ductless heat pump to others? Yes, without reservation, I love it!”

Pat in Olympia

“My PSE bill for December was $100 less than last year! Thanks for all that you and your guys did with the weatherization!”

Mary in Lacey

“We hired Northwest Energy Team to conduct an energy audit for us and to bring our 35-year-old home into the 21stcentury. Boy, did they deliver!

Dan and his team were a pleasure to work with, from the first estimate through the completion of the work. We appreciated their patience as they explained every option to us, carefully and clearly, so that we could make the best decision for us and our budget.

We decided to have them insulate the floor and attic, air-seal the entire house, and install a ductless heat pump.

We are amazed at how energy-efficient our home is now and how it maintains an even temperature. Even though with our new heat pump we now have air conditioning, this last summer we rarely had to turn it on. Our house stayed cool – even on the hottest days, and we had some 95-degree days the last few months! We’re looking forward to this winter. We previously have been heating our home with a wood stove, and it’s going to be so nice to wake up to a warm house every morning, without all the chopping, hauling, and stacking! Thank you, Northwest Energy Team!”

Kathy in Olympia

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