How to Fix Heat Loss

Is your home cold and drafty? Are your heating bills higher than they should be?

Brent Foster from Northwest Infrared specializes in locating missing and damaged insulation in walls and ceilings. Your house may not be cold and drafty because your heating system is old — it could be due to missing or damaged insulation and air leaks.

Why Infrared Scanning?

Infrared scanning allows the professionally trained Thermographer to take a thermal picture of your walls and ceilings to show exactly where insulation is damaged and air is coming through your walls.

We have found that 9 out of 10 homes have multiple openings in their thermal envelope that can be repaired to reduce their energy consumption. As Thermographers, we do not sell any products or offer contracting services, so there is no conflict of interest.

contact usIn many cases, with the information provided from our reports, the building owner can make the repairs themselves and save even more money on their energy bills each month.

Give us a call to learn more about how Infrared Scanning can help you fix leaks and save money on your energy bills.